Major companies of technology such as Google, Microsoft andmany others are joining forces with site hich is nonprofitfor an important fundraising drives that desires to introduce 100million students to the process of coding. desires to bringits computer science courses into tens of thousands of new classroomsover the next year, and it states that it'll need $5 million in orderto do that. It's launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo toraise the money, but it'll only need to get half of it from webdonors — the other half will come from dollar-for-dollar matchingoffered by the supporting tech companies and figures. These techcompanies and figures includes the likes of Bill Gates and alsoco-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman.

Thesite especially wants to promote its Hour of Code program.This program introduces students to the process of coding with aninformative tutorial. The nonprofit's hope is to reach schools thatdon't already provide computer science courses — and 90 percent ofschools don't, it says — in this way giving kids their firstexposure to coding, which is becoming an ever more valuable assetwhen looking for a job. The campaign has a worldwide scope and isn'ttargeted at any particular grade level.It’s aim is to give an evenamount of focus to both boys and girls in order to bridge theapparent gender gap. This is due to statistics released by bigtechnology companies that state that there isn’t enough diversityin the workforce.

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